⚡ I bet you didn't know this, but


Hey, Jaan here. Happy Giving Tuesday!

I bet you didn’t know this about me, but…

I’ve planted nearly 50,000 trees in Estonian forests during my short existence on Earth. All real tree seedlings, to the ground, using a shovel. Mostly planted spruce, pine, and birch, the ones native to our forests. Oh boy, it’s hard work. Can’t wait to do it again.

Hey, what’s with all the Tree Universe lately?!

Don’t worry, this is the last email about this, we’ll jump back to the EV topics right after this.

I don’t think I need to explain why planted trees, planted for longevity, are important to me, to you, and to our little speck of dust in the Universe that we call Home. I’ll just skip all that and let you know that while I’m writing this we’ve reached:

457 trees planted! 🥳

(update at 10 hours left to the deal: 748 trees already!)

…and we aren’t done just yet.

Today is the last day to join our EV Universe Pro with a big added impact. Joining the:

Whichever you choose, you will get full access to the EV Universe Pro membership with all its perks — the weekly Pro Reports, early and full access to EV resources like our Sales trackers, EV stock tracker, and EV calendar.

You’ll also join 100+ other EV-minded members in our private community. Joining EV Universe Pro is a sure way to become the smartest person in the room about EVs.

So, pick your impact:

Will we do this again? The short answer is: no. 

After this impact campaign, I will still add trees to every Pro plan purchased — but we’ll downsize it to about 5 trees per member (hey, I’ve got to keep the lights on for the EV stuff).

If you want to learn more about our digital forest, where the money goes etc, it’s all on our web here: evuniverse.io/p/trees. Did I tell you I’ll also add the name of your choosing to the ‘funded by’ part in our forest? This is how it looks when one of our new members joined:

I’ll be back with the EV reports later this week. Remember — if you’re a Pro member, you’ll get extra content with the special Pro Reports after joining. 😉 

Anyway, here’s me waiting to see you click that become-a-member button above. No pressure 👀 

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