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“I can read the Pro Report and get what I need from 90% of the articles without having to read them all myself. I can then click through the links to read in detail if I want to know more on a specific topic.

Additionally, the community is shaping up nicely and I expect I'll spend much more time communicating directly with other community members as it continues to grow.”

Trent Warnke Senior Director, Energy and Charging at RIVIAN

“Like many of you, I got hooked on the EV Universe from the free weekly emails, and I wanted to support the creation of the content and recognize the value I was receiving. ‍ A lifetime membership allowed me to provide the support to grow these resources while allowing me to grow along with it - all of our careers will undoubtedly change along with the industry, so what better way to be prepared.”

Michael PetersCEO & Founder of SWAY MOBILITY

“What made me want a lifetime membership was that I was joining a social EV environment where you meet fellow enthusiasts online, share stories with them, and build the EV movement. ‍ The EV Universe is a set of easy to use communication tools, with access to discussions on all EV topics, via one app. I couldn’t be happier!”

Tim BenfordPresident of DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON