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⚡️ Giving Tuesday: Plant trees 🌲 and get EV smarts

Caution! High Voltage! ⚡️

Hey, Jaan here.

There is a little voice in my brain that says “this Black Friday / Cyber Monday thing is stupid”. I just can’t stand the overconsumption we’ve started celebrating as humans. Feels like we’re drifting a bit more out of touch with the planet every time.

I know, good way to start writing to you about a deal for these days huh?
We'll this time I designed us a “discount” that’s a bit better for the planet. Giving Tuesday suits perfectly for that.

Today you will get 0% off all Pro membership plans of the EV Universe.
We shall make impact instead, with…


Yes, today, I will give you a discount in the form of real trees.
Welcome to Giving Treeday!

It’s easy to join on Giving Treeday:

Until Giving Tuesday (the 28th), when you sign up for the EV Universe Pro, I will plant trees in our EV Universe forest on Ecologi (more below). The digital forest we have there will carry the proof of real trees that will be planted across the world.

Here’s the impact you can make if you choose the EVU Pro:

  • $10/month plan, I will use 100% of it for three months to plant trees.
    The $30 discount will plant 15 to 38 real trees!

  • $100/year plan, I will use 50% of it to plant trees.
    The $50 discount will plant 25 to 63 real trees!

  • $365 pay-once lifetime plan (new!), I will use 50% of it to plant trees.
    The $182.5 discount will plant 91 to 228 real trees!

The difference in numbers will depend on where we plant — places like Mozambique, Kenya, are cheaper to plant, while the US, UK, and elsewhere are a bit higher. We will aim for a mix of all of these.

I made a very professional visual for you to see how the plans and impact compare:

Whichever you choose, you will get full access to the EV Universe Pro membership with all its perks — the weekly Pro Reports, early and full access to EV resources like our Sales trackers, EV stock tracker and EV calendar.

You’ll also join 100+ other EV-minded members in our private community. It’s a sure way to increase your EV game.

So, pick your impact:

Now, if you’re up for it, I’ll give you a little background on all of this.

Where will you see the trees planted? Meet the EV Universe Forest on Ecologi. You’ll also find that I planted the first 205 trees there to celebrate the impact of our current 100+ Pro members too:

from our forest

I’m rather sure I won’t be doing the regular kind of discounts ever again. So expect to see more (yet rare as our discounts are) tree planting offers, but none of them will be as huge as the one here today.

Why Ecologi? I researched my way through nearly all of the available platforms out there to find the most trustworthy one for us, with the ability to track the impact, not just ship our dollars somewhere blindly. And I do believe Ecologi is “the one”.

With over 75 million trees planted, they are also keeping track of each project in their Impact Ledger (see here), showing everything from the certificates to updating us about the projects (like this one from above).

Photo from Ecologi’s Nicaragua project

How long do I have to join? We start here with the Black Friday and end on Giving Tuesday (Nov 30th). After that, we’ll return to our normal logic (although I’m already thinking we will keep “planting a few trees” per every signup after that too. Just nothing as big as today.

Not into trees? Well… not much to do with you then, do we.

How many trees do you want to reach, Jaan? Honestly, I don’t know. MILLIONS. But really, planting 1,000 trees through this would be amazing. But I know I will be celebrating whatever we manage to plant together with you, so stay tuned for updates.

This email went out to 5,280 of our subscribers. Stay tuned for the newsletters inbound sometime tonight too. So you don’t have to scroll up, here are the links to join again:

By the way, if you want to share this offer to your friends (you know, extra impact), this post will live on the web at evuniverse.io/p/trees.

Thanks for being with us and see you soon.

— Jaan ✌️ 

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