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Trent Warnke

Senior Director, Energy and Charging at RIVIAN

I rely on EV Universe to get all my EV related news - from vehicles to battery materials and everything in between.  

It saves me a significant amount of time by organizing and summarizing relevant news and articles.

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Michael Peters


Understanding what’s really going on is complicated and requires the time to do the deep dives into topics, understand relationships, and cut through the marketing hype.

No one does that better and more consistently than EV Universe - from the unique subscriber tools and resources to the weekly news recaps, it’s the first place I go for answers.

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Tim Benford

President of

As the curator of several EV Facebook pages, including the Electric Vehicle Association’s, I was blown away when I looked deeply into Jaan's  EV Universe.

I am always searching for good stories and data to pass on to help accelerate EV adoption in SW Ohio and this is an epic source.

Member of the community

Nick Kaeshko

PM lead at

At first, I was skeptical about EV Universe.
Universe, really? Who does this Jaan guy thinks he is?

Then I was cautiously optimistic. The free newsletters coupled with the weekly Pro Report save me a ton of time. I can skip reading industry reports as it places all weekly EV news in the context, neatly wrapped in 10 min email. Not bad!​ Now it has become my only source of information about the EV space.

Here at the EV Universe, we are convinced there are no "IFs" about EVs taking over.

‍We focus on the "HOW" and the "WHEN"

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Jaan Juurikas
Founder of the EV Universe

I'm building an ecosystem

I'm on a mission to connect the whole EV ecosystem into one.
And I'll it accessible to everyone, not just those that can pay $5k per report.

Get the big picture with the EV Universe Pro:

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