EV Universe poll results: Plug-in Hybrids

In our newsletter last week (here) we ran a poll on a rather loaded topic, where I asked if PHEVs are the worst or the best of both worlds.

Here are the results and comments our EV Universe readers arrived at. Thank you all for answering!

The comments on best of both worlds (34.4% of respondents chose this):

“Choice is key. If you force people to accept electric only, they’ll only cling to their ICE cars harder because “THE GOVERNMENT IS COMIN FOR THEM.””

“Given the state of charging infrastructure in USA, PHEVs are the “gateway drug” that will get the skeptics to appreciate the benefits of pure EVs (driving experience and at-home charging experience) without the pitfalls associated with long road-trips.”

“Until battery tech gives us 700 miles per plugin, makes sense to go with hybrids as an option.”

The comments on worst of both worlds (65.57% of respondents chose this):

“Carrying two expensive Powertrains only makes sense in limited situations ”

“They still burn fossil fuels and require all the polluting infrastructure and polluting support industries that that entails”

“Hybrids massively increase the complexity of the car while also adding weight. Anx benefits the EV technology might give you are cancelled out by also having to carry ICE tech that is at best 45% efficient and because both halfev need to be downsized enough to fit into the limits of the available space of the car. ”

“Still the maintenance and costs of an ICE, with terrible efficiency on battery. Do it well or don't do it at all.”

“ICCT analysis continues to show that folks do not drive as much on their electric range. The utility factors are overstated, and you end up with a vehicle that isn't a good BEV and is a heavy ICE. What's the point in selling a 75 km PHEV? I don't get it.. ”

“All the complexity of an icy and poor efficiency when the small traction battery is depleted ”

“Two technologies having to be maintained with the both versions carrying round extra weight while trying to get the most efficient outcome. Neither can achieve optimal performance!”

“You have the worst of EV world (short range, long charing, etc) and have to mess around with the fossil crap and oil changes, etc. ”

“PHEVs are still ICE. They can be very efficient ICE but still ICE. EVs are here now and fully capable of replacing all ICE functionality. I drove a Ford C-Max PHEV for three years and now drive a Chevrolet Bolt. While the C-Max is/was a very nice car, I'll not be going back to a PHEV ever. The Bolt is just a better driving and ownership experience.”

“And when the BEV virus educates all buyers a Hybrid will have no home to go to . Stranded asset.”

“The sooner we transition to a zero-emission state in car and truck usage, the closer we get to tackling the serious environmental problems facing this planet.”

“For ditherers”

“For people that unable to give up their horse and buggy.”

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