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Deep Dive: India's charging infrastructure in 2023 and EV sales in India in 2023

Caution! High Voltage!


This is done by a friend of the EV Universe — Priyans — and is the most comprehensive overview of India’s EV charging infrastructure I’ve seen published anywhere. And you know I’m a sucker for big-picture overviews.

I recommend signing up to his newsletter ExpWithEVs too, as he does these reports regularly. This month’s report contains 18 charts and 4 maps of chargers, both DC and AC, from 68 charging networks. India now has 5,585 CCS2 charging points.

Interestingly, three companies — TATA Power, Jio-bp and Bharat Petroleum — have currently installed nearly 50% of all CCS2 chargers in the country, 25% coming from Tata alone.

Context: EV sales in India

This is a teaser from the global EV sales tracker I’ll launch to y’all next week, but felt it fits in here well for context.

In 2023, 82,025 4-wheeled battery electric vehicles were sold in India, more than doubling (+114.3%) from sales the year prior. The penetration in the 4-wheel car market is still ahead, though, as EVs made up just 1.74% of the overall 4.7M car sales. Why do I talk of 4-wheelers here? 

Well, it’s because the 2-wheelers are the ones of volume in India with 17M registrations in 2023 — of which 5% were electric.

However, the segment that has gone electric the most is 3-wheelers: out of 1.08M total registered in 2023, 54% were fully electric.

Meanwhile, 5.14% of all buses that were registered were electric. All this great data comes to us through the guys at Tesla Club India who compiled the data from VAHAN (link).

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