The EV Universe Pro lifetime membership

Caution! High Voltage! ⚡

Hey, Jaan here!

Today I’ve got one of those super-rare emails for you that is not fully packed with the valuable EV insights and my EV rants.

Instead, today is about a deal to bring you more of the stuff that excites you as a geek for everything EV.

btw I’m allowed to call you an EV geek it because I am one myself ok?

I’m writing this to you only this once, because it is set to expire in less than 24 hours. I’ll keep it short.

I’ve launched a lifetime deal for EV Universe membership.
Get everything we do in the EV Universe Pro, forever, with no other fees.

This is your chance to make a difference. A win-win: you’ll level up your EV knowledge, and you’ll support the EV Universe expansion, and thus EV adoption, at the same time.

This lifetime membership price will normally be: $365
For the next <24 hours only, the price will be: $299

Here’s what’s the Pro membership gets you:

  • EVU Pro Report — an extra weekly industry newsletter, covering a lot more new models (even those in China), spy shots, global news from the Battery industry, Charging deployments, plans and partnerships, funding rounds and acquisitions, and much more. It’s actually crazy how smart we get. It’s especially useful if you’re working in eg. charging industry or VC.

  • Community — discussions with over 100 like-minded EV geeks on a standalone platform. We’re about to launch a member-only chatroom too, so we can break and discuss the biggest EV news live;

  • Tools — full access to our resources like the EV Stock Tracker, Industry Map, EV calendar, EV sales tracker; etc

  • Early access — I often send new resources and deep dives to Pro members ahead of time;

  • EVolving ecosystem — we're adding new features along the way.

  • You’re making a difference — this helps Jaan focus on EV Universe full time.

  • 🌳 We'll plant 15 30 real trees into our forest, trackable online. with your name on it. We’re closing in on 1,000 trees planted!

Only until tomorrow, I’ve discounted the lifetime membership price to $299. Available through this link:

If you’re wondering, here’s what Michael, one of our more than 100 Pro members, thinks:

“Like many of you, I got hooked on the EV Universe from the free weekly emails, and I wanted to support the creation of the content and recognize the value I was receiving. ‍ A lifetime membership allowed me to provide the support to grow these resources while allowing me to grow along with it - all of our careers will undoubtedly change along with the industry, so what better way to be prepared.”

— Michael Peters, CEO & Founder of Sway Mobility

So, shall we take our relationship to the next level?


Can I expense this? Yes, if you work in the EV-adjacent industry, this can very likely be a business expense. You’ll get the receipt and whatever confirmation you need from me. If needed, I even got a template for you asking your boss if you can put it on the business tab (ask me for one).

What if our whole team/company joined? I've got you. Some extra perks come with it, hit me up directly on [email protected] (or reply to this email) to see how we can personalize the experience.

I can't afford it but it would be really useful for me. Write to me & we'll figure it out. It's important to me to keep all of this accessible for everyone.

I want to support but don’t want benefits? Get the subscription and leave me a note, and we’ll gift it to someone.

Can I peek at a specific resource before I decide? Sure, let me know which part interests you and I’ll give you a free peek.

Any other questions? I'm here, just hit reply.

Excited for our journey together,

— Jaan

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