Password page for Burnt Hair found! Elon Musk: "Burnt Hair" by Singed.

Hey everyone.

Jaan here, the guy who writes newsletters about the EV industry every week so we can connect the dots and accelerate the EV revolution.

From time to time, however, I go down the rabbit holes of random semi EV-related stuff. This includes fragrance, apparently.

I'm very excited to have found this page by just guessing it and if you already know the rest, just jump to the end part of this article for the URL.

Elon the Punslinger

Elon Musk is known for his wackier-than-most-billionaires communication, which at least for me, makes him more relatable.

Through The Boring Company, he sold 20,000 not-a-flamethrowers back in early 2018, right after selling 50k Boring Company hats.

Well, over four years and a bunch of tunnels later, Musk is at it again. With a scent.

He started the thread out on September 28th with this:

So far, we had no idea if this thing is *really* coming or when. That is, until I stumbled upon a Boring Company URL which is very, very likely a preorder page for the cologne.

Similar to how the not-a-flamethrower page was at first, this one is also password protected. Back then, the pw was "flame", and was soon changed after it had leaked.

So, I did the first step: I found the page.

Can you help me with the step two, the password?

My only ask is that you share the password with me if you're able to crack it. Here's my Twitter account @TheEVuniverse.

I want my wife to go 'wtf' when I wear the cologne.

Here is the page:

I'm such a genius for figuring this one out, aren't I. 

Cheers everyone.

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