I'm taking you with me, while I try to understand the EVolution.

Hey, good to have you with us.

I'm on this grand mission to increase the EV adoption by providing the tools to understand the big picture for both the EV drivers and the ones working in the industry.

I work on sustainable transport for the future of my kids. And everyone else's kids.

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Jaan in numbers

6 years as an EV owner, currently driving a 2020 LEAF.

60,000 trees I've planted in Estonia.

5 years worked in the EV industry until founding EV Universe. I worked as an exec in an e-taxi startup and a founder/CEO of a spin-off focused on EV rentals. While there, I also:

  • Raised 250,000€ through social media to buy EVs for the rental company,
  • Sold 70+ used Nissan LEAFs, domestically and abroad,
  • Gained 18M+ of fully electric kilometers of experience through the fleet.

I'm also lucky to have

3 kids that I do all this for and

1 loving wife who supports me completely.

I'm 100% committed on expanding the EV Universe.